Mancala Game Strategy and Rules Variation 

Mancala is one in every of the oldest two-player strategy games within the world and has been competed throughout Asia and continent for over 7000 years.

An earlier version of Mancala games used primitive tools made of wood or clay, or the sport board was inscribed in stone.

Mancala is a game that is exceptional for its peculiar distribution, that appears to mark the bounds of Arab culture.

And that has simply penetrated our own continent when having served for ages to divert the inhabitants of nearly 0.5 the thickly settled space of the world.

There are a unit many completely different versions of Mancala. Though the principles amendment a touch between versions, the fundamental methods area unit a similar for every game.

Follow the sport as typically as you’ll be able to. A lot of you play, the higher you get.

Stay on your toes. Mancala is like chess therein you have got to adapt throughout the sport. Win with a careful balance of offensive and defensive play.

Look ahead to times you’ll be able to bait your opponent into a nasty move, like by property them capture stones. It should set you up for a good higher move that gets you a lot of points.

The traveler to the small Syrian colony in Washington street in big apple town can typically notice 2 men intent upon this game.

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They decided Its origins area unit is stock-still in ancient Egypt. Stone Mancala boards from 1400BC are found inscribed into the roofs of Kurna temples in Memphis, Thebes, and metropolis.

The sport unfolds from Egypt to several elements of the continent so to the center East. The proof was found in fan palm in the Asian nations.

In the agora of the city, a Mancala board was found that proofs that the Romans and ancient Greeks conjointly compete for the sport.

These versions of the sport generally contain holes that house marbles or rocks, seeds or beans, or different tiny spherical objects referred to as “seeds”.

Therefore, the number of holes featured depends on the sort of game.

Insure West-African dialects, the holes within the board area unit cited as warrior awari and in those cultures, the sport is termed “Wari“.

Islamic cultures name the sport with relevancy the physical action that takes place throughout the sport line of work the sport “mancala” (The word “mancala” means that to maneuver in Arabic).

Mancala is competing nowadays primarily incontinent, the center East, Asia and therefore the Caribbean space. The USA has conjointly a bigger mancala taking part in population.

There are a variety of economic versions of the sport. the primary business version was printed within us in 1891 by the Milton Bradley Company underneath the name of Chuba.

A picket version of the sport was made within the Fifties by the Kalah Game Company, Holbrook.

Different names of Mancala Known to various places

Mancala is one in every of the oldest renowned games to still be wide vie these days. Mancala is a generic name for a family of two-player turn-based strategy board games vie with little stones, beans, or seeds and rows of holes or pits within the earth, a board or different enjoying surface.

The target is typically to capture all or some set of the opponent’s items. Versions of the sport originate in the seventh century, and proof suggests the sport existed in ancient Egypt.

The name is a classification or form of the game, instead of any specific game. A number of the foremost common mancala games with relation to distribution space.

The numbers of players and tournaments, and publications are:

Ali Guli Mane or Pallanguzhi

It has vied in the Southern Republic of India. It is additionally referred to as Omanu Guntalu in Telugu, vie in rural areas of Telangana, India.

Pallanguzhi is via in Tamil Nadu, the Southern Republic of India with two x seven stores. 2 sorts of this game are common, Kaashi and Bank.

This Southern Indian version of Mancala is vying on a board with two rows of seven holes every. The standard game has vied with tamarind seeds.

A typical game involves victimization of 146 seeds in strategic moves and captures.

Bao la Kiswahili

It is a fancy strategy game vie in most of the geographical regions as well as the Republic of Kenya, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Comoros, Malawi, likewise as some areas of DR Congo and Burundi. Bao vie on a 4×8 board.

This game is additionally vied on board with thirty-two holes (4 x 8) and involves a series of sowing (spreading the seeds), capturing, and sophisticated strategy moves.

Players square measure noted as North and South, betting on their aspect of the board.


This game is shut variants in South Asia from the Maldives to the Philippines, renowned by many various names (e.g. Dakon, Ohvalhu, Sungka)

Gebeta   Ethiopian and Eritrea, particularly in Tigrai.

Kalah  North Yankee variation, the foremost common variant within the Western world. Kalah is that the ruleset typically enclosed with commercially out their boards.

However, the sport is heavily biased towards the primary player, and it’s typically thought-about a children’s game.

The board is 2×6 with stores. The Pie rule may be accustomed to balancing the first player’s advantage.

Oware (awalé, awélé, awari)

It is vied world-wide with shut variants vie throughout the geographical area (e.g. ayo by Yorubas) and within the Caribbean.

Oware is that the national game of the Republic of Ghana is additionally renowned by Warri, Ayo (Yoruba Name. Nigeria), Awele, Awari, Ouril, and different names.

It is comparatively straightforward rules however appreciable strategic depth. The board is 2×6 with stores.

Toguz Korgool or Toguz Kumalak – This game has vied in Kirghizia and Kazak. It is very necessary for Central Asia, wherever it’s thought-about a sport superior to Chess.


This game vies in the Rwandese Republic.

Omweso (also called Coro)

It is a strategic game of the Republic of Uganda, vie on a 4×8 board.

Mancala Rules Variations

The Mancala board is created of 2 rows of six holes, or pits, each. If you do not have a Mancala board handy, substitute an empty egg carton.

Four pieces of marbles, chips, or stones are placed in each of the twelve holes. The color of the items is extraneous.

Each player encompasses a store (called a Mancala) to the correct facet of the Mancala board. Cereal bowls work well for this purpose if you are exploiting an egg carton.

The game begins with one player learning all of the items in anybody of the holes on their faces.

Moving counter-clockwise, the player deposits one amongst the stones in every hole till the stones run out.

If you run into your own store, deposit one piece in it. If you run into your opponent’s store, skip it.

If the last piece you drop is in your own store, you get a free flip.

If the last piece you drop is in an empty hole on your face, you capture that piece and any items within the hole directly opposite.

Always place all captured items in your store.

The game ends once all six areas on one facet of the Mancala board area unit empty.

The player United Nations agency still has items on his facet of the board once the sport ends capture all of these items.

Count all the items in every store. The winner is the player with the foremost items.

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