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Simple Mancala Board Game Rules

Mancala games share a general gameplay sequence of reading all seeds from a hole the strategy, then sowing seeds one at a time from a hole and capturing supported the state of the board.

This results in the nation phrase “Count and Capture” typically want to describe the gameplay. Though the small print dissent greatly, this general sequence applies to any or all games.

Basics of Mancala Game

Players: The game is played by two players.

Age Range: It is appropriate for ages eight and above.

Playing Time: It takes about 15 minutes to play a game, perfect for a coffee break.

Genre: Mancala is an abstract board game.

Designer: It is a public domain game with roots that can be traced back to between CE 500 and 700.


Generally, picket Mancala Board from West Africa is main for this game. Instrumentality is usually a board, made of assorted materials, with a series of holes organized in rows, sometimes two or four.

Some games are a lot of typically via with holes mamma within the earth or sculpted in stone. The holes are also named as “depressions”, “pits”, or “houses”.

Sometimes, massive holes on the ends of the board, known as stores, are used for holding captured items.

Enjoying items are seeds, beans, stones, or alternative tiny uniform counters that are placed in and transferred regarding the holes throughout the play.

Nickernuts are one common example of items used. Board configurations vary among completely different games however additionally at intervals variations of a given game.

For instance, Endodoi is via on boards from a pair of × half dozen to a pair of × ten.

With a two-rank board, players sometimes are thought of to regulate their several sides of the board, though moves typically are created into the opponent’s aspect.

With a four-rank board, players management associate in nursing inner row associate in nursing an outer row, and a player’s seeds can stay in these nearest 2 rows unless the opponent captures them.

These games are sensible for obtaining kids interacting and want totally. Kids will even be inspired to create the sport themselves as follows.

Take 2 cardinal egg cartons, tear the crack off them each, and prepare them during a long line (lid, base, base, lid). You will staple or tape them along if you want, and you’ll use pebbles or beads as seeds.

Playing items are seeds, beans, stones, gastropod shells, half-marbles or alternative tiny uniform counters that are placed in and transferred regarding the holes throughout the play.

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The object of mancala games is typically to capture a lot of seeds than the opponent. Sometimes, one seeks to go away the opponent with no legal move so as to win.


At the start of a player’s flip, they choose a hole with seeds that may be planted round the board. This choice is usually restricted to holes on this player’s facet of the board, further as holes with a precise minimum variety of seeds.

In a method referred to as sowing, all the seeds from a hole area unit born one-by-one into subsequent holes in a very motion wrapping round the board.

Sowing is an associate apt name for this activity, since not solely area unit several games historically compete with seeds however putting seeds one at a time in several holes reflects the physical act of sowing.

If the sowing action stops when dropping the last seed, the sport is taken into account one lap game.

Multiple laps or relay sowing may be a frequent feature of mancala games, though not universal.

Once relay sowing, if the last seed throughout sowing lands in the associate occupied hole, all the contents of that hole, as well as the last planted seed instantly reshown from the outlet.

The method sometimes continues till sowing ends in the associate empty hole.


Depending on the last hole planted during a lap, a player might capture seeds from the board. The precise needs for capture, in addition to what’s finished captured seeds, vary significantly among games.

Typically, a capture needs sowing to finish during a hole with an exact range of seeds or ending across the board from seeds in specific configurations.

Another common manner of capturing is to capture the contents of the holes that reach an exact range of seeds at any moment.

Also, many games embrace the notion of capturing holes, and so all seeds planted on a captured hole belong at the top of the sport to the player United Nations agency captured it.

Shortly the Steps of the How to Play Mancala Game


Step 1: Set up

Set up How to play Mancala

Place the mancala board lengthwise between 2 players and place four stones in each of the twelve tiny cups on the sport board.

The six smaller cups are taking part in cups. The larger cup at either finish is that the mancala.

Step 2: Acquire stones

How to play Mancala-Acquire stones

Pick up the stones in any of your six taking part in cups.

Step 3: Position Stones

How to Play Mancala Position Stones

Drop your stones one by one into ordered taking part in cups, moving counterclockwise rounded the board. Embody your mancala, however not your opponent’s mancala.

Step 4: Alternate moving stones

How to Play Mancala Alternate moving stones

Take turns moving stones rounded the board. If your last stone falls into your mancala, you get another flip.

Step 5: Capture stones

How to Play Mancala Alternate moving stones

If your last stone falls in the associate empty cup on your side, take all the items from the player’s cup directly opposite. Hoard all the stones you’ll be able to on your facet of the board.

Step 6: Pass out all of your stones

How to Play Mancala Pass out all of your Stones

Whoever runs out of stones on their facet of the board loses the sport. The player with remaining stones puts them in their mancala.

Step 7: Count the stones

How to Play Mancala Count the stones

The player with the foremost stones in their mancala wins the sport.

Some places people play the game differently

The board is placed between the players as was common, with the longer sides next to them. each ambit his enjoying to the 2 rows of pockets nearest him.

The row near to his fringe of the board is his outer row, whereas the opposite is his inner row.

Before starting the sport every player places one counter in each of the pockets of his outer row.

And 2 counters in every pocket of his inner row, except that the pocket on his extreme left within the inner row is unbroken vacant. Also, the one next to that holds, however, one man.

The higher than the diagram shows the arrangement of the board at the gap of the sport. As indicated by the arrows, all moves within the inner row are from right to left, and people within the outer row from left to right.

Because the players face one another the moves within the 2 inner rows are essentially in opposite directions.

The privilege of enjoying initial within the initial game is left to agreement or likelihood, not being thought to be of any consequence.

In ensuant games the player United Nations agency was victor within the last contest takes the lead.

The initial player chooses any pocket in his inner row that contains quite one man from that to start out his first move.

Then begins identically by finding out all the lads in this pocket and dropping one in all them in each of the consecutive pockets to his left till all the lads in his hand are distributed.

If the last counter drops into a pocket that’s occupied, the player continues the move by finding out all the lads in this pocket. As well as the one born and getting rid of them as before.

His move should continue during this same manner till the last counter in his hand falls into Associate in a nursing empty pocket, and also the move might extend round the course, into the outer row, or perhaps farther, as indicated by the arrows.

If this empty pocket into that the last man falls is within the inner row and has opposite it a pocket within the opponent’s inner row containing one or a lot of men.

The player captures these men and promptly removes them from the board. And if there are one or a lot of men within the corresponding opposite pocket of the opponent’s outer row, they need to even be taken.

Moreover, he should choose another try of opposite pockets in his opponent’s rows from that to get rid of any men that they contain.

In creating this selection, he is at liberty to select out any try of opposites, whether or not each is occupied or empty. Or one is occupied and also the different empty.

The concomitant diagram can make a case for which means of this rule.

Suppose the player B had simply finished a move by dropping a “last man” in No. 1.

He will capture all the lads in two and three by his ability and conjointly in four and five or from the other 2 opposite pockets of his opponent’s inner and outer rows.

Had two been vacant, however, he couldn’t have taken any men. Had three been vacant, he may have taken the lads from two and people from four and five.

Had his last man fallen within the outer row, in half dozen, for instance, the impact would be of no avail in capturing something. As a result of the outer row is usually noncombatant.

A man within the outer row cannot be emotional till he has been vying upon by a person from the inner row.

A move cannot begin from a pocket holding one man if the player includes a pocket containing quite one man.

Once a move will begin from a pocket containing one man, it cannot be vying into associate in the nursing occupied pocket.

When all the lads that a player has become single, those remaining in his outer row that hasn’t been via on are forfeit to the opponent.

The winner is that the player United Nations agency captures all his opponent’s men.

It is a plus to a player to urge his counters singled as shortly as attainable unless he sees that his opponent is doing the identical factor, once a unique policy is sensible.

If he desires to hide 2 or 3 vacant areas so as to impact a capture, it will typically be done, provided he begins his move so much enough back from those vacant pockets.

The loss of counters throughout the sooner a part of the sport is not essentially as nice an obstacle as in most games.

As a result of most depends on the ultimate move, within which there’s the prospect for a superb show of ability.

The native players of the initial Chuba say “Chee” at the tip of every move which provides notice to the opponent to proceed.

And toward the shut of the sport, once the moves follow in fast succession. The impact is incredibly amusing.

The native’s decision the counters within the inner row “man and mate” and people within the outer row “spinsters”.

However, these spinsters are married by passing a counter over them from the inner row.

Till, within the progress of the sport, all the items become single, after they are all known as “widows”.

These windows have a double advantage over the married families and are guaranteed to build mayhem among them.

The sport is fitly named because the word chuba means that “to extinguish” or “eat up”.

Also, the object of every player is to extinguish his opponent by golf shot the latter’s counters in an exceeding position from that escape is not possible.

Some of this game from the Indian landmass use Pussa-Kanawa laps. These are like commonplace multi laps, however, rather than continued the movement with the contents of the last hole stuffed.

One player continues with a succeeding hole. A Pussa-Kanawa lap move can then finish once a lap ends simply before associate in the nursing empty hole.

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