The Golf card game, also known as, or Crazy eight, or sometimes Card Golf is a huge hit in our house and so far our family has resisted the shackles of major vice, and I’m guessing yours will, too–no matter how many decks of cards you own.

It is one in every of the best 2 player card games, typically somebody decision this game as “Mini-Golf”. however, because the title implies, Golf could be a game of making an attempt to urge the bottom score. This two-player game is neat in its simplicity, and truly follows the thought of the game ok.

The object of the sport has the bottom price of cards, and you bring home the bacon by swapping out high price cards or by matching cards of equal price.

Needed for Golf card game

52 card deck: two to four players

The Deal

Each player is dealt 6 cards down from the deck. The rest of the cards are placed underneath the bottom face and the top card is rolled up to start the pile thrown at its side. Players arrange their 6 cards in the 3 rows in front of them, and 2 of these cards face up. The rest of the cards are face down and don’t have to look.

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The Play

The lowest value of the cards in front of the players is that they are either swapped for lower card cards or paired with cards of equal rank.

Starting with the player to the left of the dealer, players either draw single cards from the stock or drop the piles. The drawn card can either be swapped or discarded for up to 6 cards of the player. If the card is swapped for one of the face cards, swap the card face to face. The round ends when all the cards of a player face off.

There are nine “holes” (deals) in a game and the lowest total score player is the winner.

The values for the cards in a game of Golf are as follows

Aces = 1
Numeric cards = face values
Queen and Jack = 10
King = 0
Joker = -1

You want to more learn: Golf card game (Wikipedia)

How to Play Golf card  game with 2 Players

1 Each player is dealt half-dozen cards face-down, that they organize into a pair of rows of three cards every.

2 The remaining cards square measure placed face-down and therefore the high card is flipped face-up to start out a discard pile.

3 To start the sport, every player flips 2 of their cards face-up and therefore the remaining cards keep face-down (no peeking).

4 Starting to the dealer’s left, every player takes turns drawing a card from either the discard pile or from the face-down stockpile.

5 The card picked is then either swapped out for one of the six cards before of you or placed within the discard pile.

6 When swapping out one in every of the four face-down cards before of you, place it face-up within the discards.

7 Matches square measure paired by columns, thus there will solely be a most of three matches out of the half-dozen cards before of you.

8 Continue to play till all of the player’s cards before of them square measure face-up, so add up scores.

9 An ace is one purpose, cards three through ten square measure value them face price, so jacks & queens square measure ten points (remember points square measure bad).

10 Each a pair of cards is value negative a pair of points, kings square measure value zero points, and matching cards of any price square measure value zero points (all of these square measure good).

11 A game is nine holes (deals) so tally the scores at the top of nine holes to seek out the bottom scorer, who wins!

Golf is straightforward to find out nonetheless may be difficult – a game good for drinks & relaxation.

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