Funny names aside, Egyptian Rat Screw could be a fast card-slapping 2 player game that will contend terribly quickly. The item of the sport is aggregation all of the cards within the deck. Egyptian Rat Screw conjointly the best 2 Player Card Games.


Two or more players 52 card deck


All cards are played by each and every player. Until the distributed equally whole cards are not finished. After then have received their hand. The cards do not look up and each player has a face in front.


The object of the game is to be the player to win all the cards.


Before the gameplay begins, a businessman must choose. Each player draws a card from the shifting deck. The lowest carded player is the dealer. The dealer switches the deck and gives each player all the cards out in a clockwise fashion.

Game Play 

Play starts to the left of the player. Each player takes the top card in their deck and places it in the middle of the table one at a time. If the earlier game card is a number card, the next player also puts a card below. The player continues to play until a player drops an Ace, King, Queen or Jack.

aIf one of these cards is played, the next player holds an Ace or Face card to continue playing. If they don’t have an Ace, King, Queen or Jack, the player who plays will win the entire pile of cards. This player starts the next round.

This condition can be overridden by pressing. The first player to play the card wins them.

Face Card Values

The face card values change to be as follows:

  • Ace: one chance
  • King: two chances
  • Queen: three chances
  • Jack: four chances

Ranking of the: J →Q → K →A →10 →9 →8 →7 →6 →5 →4 →3 →2

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Egyptian Rat Screw Rules

1 Start with a 52-card deck and allot the total deck equally to every player face-down.

Players don’t explore their cards.

3 The player to the left of the dealer pulls the highest card off their pile and places it face-up within the middle.

4 If the cardboard could be a range card, the consecutive player puts down a card, too.

5  Continue till somebody places down a playing card or ace.

6 When a playing card or ace is competing, the consecutive players in the sequence should play another playing card or ace.

7  If they do, play continues.

8 If they don’t, the initial player to put down a playing card or ace adds all of the competing cards to their pile.

9 To add to the present, there are many card-slapping rules to Egyptian Rat Screw.

10  Doubles are swappable (two 9’s in a very row).

11 Sandwiches are slappable (when 2 cards of an equivalent price ar set down with another in between them. Example: 4, Queen, 4), and Tens are slappable– not the 10’s of every suit, however, once 2 cards compete consecutively add up to 10 (i.e. 3 & 7, 2 & 8, or Ace and 9).

12  The first person to slap the pile of cards gets the pile.

13  If somebody slaps a pile incorrectly, they need to add 2 cards to the pile.

14 If you’re taking part in Egyptian Rat Screw with over two players, eliminated players will still wait around and slap in to urge cards.

15 Continue taking part in till there’s only 1 winner with all of the cards within the deck.


You need luck and a lot of thought to get as many cards as you can to play Egyptian rat screws. When the dealer finishes the cards, put them in the face of your stack. Then, let the person on the left side of the dealer pull the card above from their pile and place it in the middle of it all. Try matching the card that was dropped. For example, if this is a number card, everyone should play a number card. When someone plays a letter card, also play a letter card. If you cannot, the card that is played wins the cards for that round. To learn how to play with the rules of climbing, keep reading!

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