You have to need 2 to 7 players for a crazy eight card game. You can also play online these games. This game more fun and calculative games. If you want to win then you will calculation all cards.

They’re slightly totally different from the fundamental rules shown within the (Wikipedia) article. However, this is the game I was learned it after when I was children (under the name Olsen Olsen).

When I play this game? This time, I do keep the calculation of all cards and at this time keep remember which player played which card.

Crazy Eight Card is a schedule card game. First, one player distributes every card single by single to every player. Then start the game. When the game starts, it rotates like a clockwise.

Crazy Eight Card games

How many cards for need Crazy eight card game?

Crazy eight card game uses a standard deck of 52 playing cards, without joker.

In a 2-player game, each and every player is dealt 7 cards.

In a 3- or more player game, each and every player gets 5 cards.

The remaining cards are placed face-down in the center of the table.


The top card of the draw pile is a start playing, one player. Then other players played to a card onto the table – they need to play a card that either matches the suit of the previous card or has the same value.

Some cards have a special power. When played that card it’s effect play other cards. There are many variations available on which cards have which powers.

If a player has no valid cards to play, then they can pick one card to draw pile.

The round ends when a player gets eliminate all their cards. All other players score penalty points based on the cards remaining in their hands.


The card has different players score penalty points based on the value of the cards remaining in their hands.

Face cards have 10 points ( K, Q, J & 10) Aces are worth 1 point and all other cards are worth their number values. The suit changing is worth 50 points.

Crazy Eight Card Game Rules and Variations:

Suit amendment Power Card. The card that allowed the player to call a replacement suit will be set to eight, King or Ace.

1. Avoid Power Cards

The card that lets the incoming player miss their flip will be set to eight, or disabled.

2. Draw a power card

Playing this card forces the incoming player to draw 2 cards, unless they can play cards of equal rank. If they do this, therefore, the next player will be forced to choose two cards or play a card of equivalent rank, and until then, no one is forced to pick up the card. This card will either be set to 2 or completely disabled.

3. Draw Penalty

The number of cards the target of the Draw Power has got to draw will be set to two or four.

4. Reverse Power Card

Playing this card reverses the direction of play. This card will be set to King or disabled entirely.

5. Suit Dump Power Card

After playing this card, the player will play can any type of card in this suit. This card will be sent to Seven or 10 or disabled entirely.

6. Run Power Card

After playing this card, the player will play a run of cards of the current. This card will be set to Seven or 10, or disabled entirely.

7. Set Power dance band

Players will play multiple cards of an equivalent rank directly.

8. Jack Power Cards

Playing BlackJack forces ensuing player to choose up to four cards, unless that player will play a Red Jack.

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9. Black Queen Power Card

After playing the Black Queen, the player swaps their hand with the ensuing player.

10. Suit amendment end Allowed

Players allow square measure permissible to finish with the Suit amendment power.

11. Reuse Pile

The number of times the discard pile will be reused to refresh the draw pile will be set to one, 2, 3, 4 or 5, or disabled entirely.

12. Shuffle Pile

The discard pile is shuffled before refreshing the draw pile.

How to play crazy eight card games?

The player to the immediate left of the dealer acts 1st and will discard any card that matches the suit or price of the topmost card within the discard pile. (There is barely one card within the discard pile at the start of the sport.)

For example, if the cardboard on high of the discard pile is that the 9♦, then the player to act might discard any nine or any diamond from their hand.

The game is called Crazy Eights because eights are wild and can be played at any time. If an 8 is played, the next player must match the value or suit of the previous card — not the 8.

If the player to act doesn’t have any playable cards, they need to draw a card from the face-down stack — at that purpose, their flip is over and it’s subsequent person’s flip.



Players conceive to get eliminate all cards in their hand.

Players move to play a card, that should match the suit or rank of the previous card contend.

Some cards have special effects when played. There are many options for which special powers are in play and which cards have those powers.

If a player cannot discard a card, they must pick up a card.

A round ends when one player has gotten rid of all their cards.

Players score penalty points based on the cards remaining in their hands.

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