Beggars-My-Neighbor, also known as StripJack naked or Beating your neighbor out of doors, is a simple card game. This is similar in nature to the War card games and the Egyptian Rat Screw card games have become more variant.

The game of Beggar My Neighbor has been around since the nineteenth Century United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and maybe a distinctive variation on the classic cards, War.


Two or more players 52 card deck.


All cards are played by each and every player. Until the distributed equally whole cards are not finished. After then have received their hand. The cards do not look up and each player has a face in front.


The object of the game is to be the player to win all the cards.


A standard 52-card deck is evenly split between the two players, and two stacks of cards are placed on the bottom table.

The first player puts their top card face down to start a central stack, and the opponent will play their top card, face it, and it goes away on stage (King, Quinn, or Jack) until it is alone or on the court card. These cards are called “penalty cards”.

If a player picks up this national card, their opponent will have to pay this fine: four cards for an Ace, three for a king, two for a queen, or one card for Jack.

They do this by playing the required number of cards in the central stack. When they did this, when all the cards were numerical, the player on the penalty card wins the hand, takes all the cards to the pile and puts them under the pack.

The game continues in the same style, with the winner having the first card advantage. However, if the second player picks up an Ace or court card to pay for the original penalty card, their payment stops, and the first player must pay on this new card.

This change of punishment may continue indefinitely. When all the cards in a single player’s deck are in their stack, they win.

For more than two players, clockwise. If a player releases a new penalty card while paying their fine, the next player pays the fee

Face Card Values

The face card values change to be as follows:

Ace: four chance
King: three chances
Queen: two chances
Jack: one chances

Ranking of the: A →K → Q →J →10 →9 →8 →7 →6 →5 →4 →3 →2

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How to Play Beggar My Neighbor

1 Start the sport by dealing with the entire deck equally to every player.

2 As in War, players move revealing high the highest cards of their deck however place the cards live on top of every alternative till somebody reveals a playing card or ace.

3 These cards square measure the penalty cards, associated once vie associate opponent should pay the penalty for the cards: four cards for an ace, 3 for a king, 2 for a queen, or one for a jack.

4 Once their opponent has paid the penalty, whoever vie the penalty card collects the complete pile of cards from play and adds them to an all-time low of their deck.

5 However, if a player paying a penalty reveals another penalty card, their payment ends, and therefore the opposite player should pay the penalty.

6 This dynamic of the penalty will continue indefinitely till one player cannot play a penalty card – whoever arranged the last penalty card to travel unrequited wins the pile.

7 Continue play till one player acquires all of the cards within the deck.

8 More players are often extra to the current game, play simply continues in a very right-handed fashion.

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